I’m surprised how quiet NYNY is at this point
Posted by: dramedy 12:42 pm EDT 03/19/23
In reply to: Shucked - Tony Chances - MimiMe 09:38 am EDT 03/19/23

Previews starting this week and is there much buzz out there. I certainly don’t see it on this board which is surprising with the talent behind it.

As for shucked, the name is so not Tony worthy. I think a title can hurt a show at awards. But unlike the movies and Oscars, musical comedies tend to do well at the Tonys.

Since I’m not a fan of KAkimbo, I’m hoping anything can beat it. Some like it hot probably won’t win much. And as a big of a fan I am of the show, I did buy Parade as the final show on my trip instead of Hot based on the critical and chat room reviews—-and a center aisle seat was released for $190 clinched it.

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