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I didn’t focus on the weaker elements in my post. I don’t disagree that it needs some strengthening. I just done think it’s insurmountable.

Yes, Hades needs a better song or maybe throw the Muses at the one that’s there - Ala Little Shop.
Yes, the titans sequence isn’t effectively staged but I think it’s fixable. But the climax - the river of souls sequence - was effective for me.
The jokes were corny - probably more than SHUCKED which I haven’t seen. It probably needs a little more heart and a couple fewer one-liners. (And it needs to establish a few things plot-wise just a little better).
Is it Sondheim? No. Is it the best Menken? No. But I hope a retooled version finds a warmer reception some day. In terms of family musicals - especially those based on movies - I found it better than most. And as opposed to most, it was happy to give the stage to its cast and let them have moments to showcase their talents. I’d rather that than mere puppetry.

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