Early preview of Aaron Sorkin's Camelot
Posted by: Amaliax2 06:58 pm EDT 03/19/23

Oh boy. I say this as an Aaron Sorkin fan. Needs so much work. Liked the overall direction that Sorkin was going in, but Act 2 went off the rails. New characters introduced late in the second act, a pastiche of scenes which obliterated the story that we really care about, redeemed somewhat by a touching final scene. At 3 hours there can be plenty trimmed to keep the story moving forward. Burnap had a lovely character arc and was charming and witty in the first half developing into the mature and serious monarch. He and Soo have great chemistry and of course her voice is a gorgeous instrument (even though at times she was hard to hear- sound design issues??). Danica did not disappoint vocally but given the youth of Burnap and his rapport with Soo it was hard to see how he would gain Soo's affection with a very controlled and somewhat dispassionate performance. With a month more of previews I truly hope this is addressed and the story tightened up with the focus on the main three characters. I would love to see what they are doing here succeed.

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