re: Shucked - Tony Chances
Posted by: conciergekey 01:05 am EDT 03/20/23
In reply to: Shucked - Tony Chances - MimiMe 09:38 am EDT 03/19/23

I thought it tried too hard to be too many things, ending up flat and somewhat safe.

They should have gone for satire, but clearly didn't want to alienate anyone.

Alex gave the vocal of the show. The rest of the songs were forgettable and not all that well sung. Some rail-thin voices up there.

The 'greek chorus' worked nicely. That was a plus.

Too much from when this was 'Hee-Haw' at DTC remains. Puns aren't enough to classify this in the same comedic realm as The Producers or Spamalot.

It doesn't have enough genuine heart to be Urinetown. I actually CARED when watching Urinetown. I can't say the same for Shucked.

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