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Posted by: Musicals54 01:46 pm EDT 03/20/23
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I agree with the comparison with La Mancha etc. I think Dear World suffers from a/being over musicalized b/not just the book but the English translation of the play and c/its size. a/I think the only people who should sing are the three folles and the young woman. The title song is wretched and says nothing about the show. b/ French whimsey is not like English whimsey, it is serious whimsey. The translation is too stolid. Some changes made in the book are good ideas, we don't need a fourth folles, we don't need all the other raffish characters in the play and it is actually better organized than the play which can cut both ways. c/ This was to be a chamber musical according to those who speak of Herman's intent. That was a brilliant idea. It is not Hello, Aurelia. Another Alex Cohen flop caused by his lack of imagination and his desire to out Merrick Merrick which he never did.
Ideally the show would be one act, less than two hours and with a cast of maybe 15. Small size.

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