Aaron Sorkin's Camelot (Spoilers!)
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But…as I remember the show (not the movie, which made too many mistakes)…Guenevere falls for Lance because his purity becomes incontestable when he brings the man back to life at the joust. This is where the play turns. He is the manifestation of Arthur’s vision of the just knight. He’s not meant to be more attractive than Arthur in some Real-Housewives-of-Camelot sense.

In Julie Andrews’ memoir, she writes that the intention of the original show was that the Lancelot-Guenevere relationship remained chaste up until the night Morgan Le Fay delays Arthur through her magic. And, even then, Mordred surprises them before any adulterous act. It’s very much in keeping with the phenomenon of courtly love.
Of course, in the source novel, T.H. White makes a point of undermining that sort of mythology. Guenevere and Lance are quite common in their love. And so too in the movie (which Lerner wrote).
But I always think chaste love is the way to go for the show.
It sounds like Sorkin has abandoned magic and perhaps the miracle of the raising the knight from the dead. I am growing trepidatious. Especially if there’s some spelled-out, sexual problem in the Arthur-Guenevere marriage, which I’ve inferred from other reports. Oh no.

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