Brian Stokes Mitchell in Encores "Kismet" (re: Olympia Dukakis in 70 GIRL, 70)
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As Hadjj the leading role in "Kismet", Brian Stokes Mitchell was tied to his script all evening and the role required a lot of physical and verbal dexterity that was hampered by his reliance on a script. BTW: I TRULY ADMIRE BRIAN STOKES MITCHELL! He once gave a free (subsidized) concert at the World Financial Center several years ago. He sang every 11:00 number from every Broadway show he did and several he didn't and it went over two hours. A generous performer.

But his Hadjj needed more preparation. By contrast, the late Marin Mazzie was a flawless and sexy Lalume and was off book. Smaller role.

As for Donna Murphy, by Sunday night she was only occasionally referring to her script and the minor lapses/fumbles for words were pretty much gone.
Donna also had memorized the songs completely including the dialogue lead-in to each song.

Marlo Manners (Lady Barrington)

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