re: ROUNDABOUT THEATRE COMPANY Announces 2023-2024 Season
Posted by: mikem 11:27 am EDT 03/21/23
In reply to: ROUNDABOUT THEATRE COMPANY Announces 2023-2024 Season - Official_Press_Release 11:04 am EDT 03/21/23

It looks like Roundabout is going back to a true subscriber model, where theatergoers buy a ticket to each of X number of shows during the season. I think they were doing more of a membership model the past few years, where you got access to tickets for a membership fee but there was no commitment to buy tickets for specific shows. (There was also no specific commitment for Roundabout to have a certain number of Broadway shows, etc with the membership model.)

Did they change to the membership model because of the pandemic or for other reasons?

I wonder how theater subscriptions are doing in general. The Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia had over 50,000 subscribers before the pandemic (I think Roundabout did also), but the Walnut Street Theater must have substantially fewer subscribers now because they've cut back on the length of the runs substantially and ticket availability is still much easier than pre-pandemic.

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