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I have no interest in watching this video BUT based on this summary of her lawsuit from BroadwayWorld back in September I agree that it seems the Post greatly mischaracterized how the situation went down. Which isn't surprising given that's it's the Post. I can find a little bit of sympathy for her in that regard, but it's her behavior since then that really doesn't sit well with me.

Anyway, here's part of the lawsuit summary detailing how Osnes claims she came to drop out of the concert (full thing linked below):

The lawsuit claims Guild Hall's policy at the time Osnes agreed to participate in the benefit was to allow performers to perform "so long as they took a COVID test." However, the lawsuit claims that before the first rehearsal, on June 30th, 2021, Stroman wrote to Osnes stating: "The Guild is requiring everyone to show their vaccination card. You have to be vaccinated to work at Guild Hall. They might move our evening inside rather than outside in the garden. I am sorry I did not think to ask at the beginning - I did not know their protocol at the time. I am sending a private email to everyone I have performing over those three days to ask about their vaccination status. Let me know asap. I will still love you no matter what! Have a beautiful day. Thanks."

According to the lawsuit, that same day, Osnes wrote back to Stroman advising her she would have to withdraw. The lawsuit alleges Osnes' response email read: "I so appreciate this respectful email and totally understand! I know it has become a very controversial subject and I'm in the minority within our NYC community [...] but I am not currently vaccinated. May end up doing so down the line, but for the moment, Nate and I have decided to wait til we know a bit more. With the variants and resurgence, I get why Guild Hall is requiring it yet I'm very bummed to have to lose this particular gig for that reason. I was looking forward to playing with you and Tony again in the Hamptons! Hopefully they can transfer the hotel room to someone else."
Link NYP Lawsuit: Osnes Says She Was Never Terminated From CRAZY FOR YOU

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