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Posted by: BroadwayTonyJ 09:21 am EDT 03/25/23
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Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark played 182 previews on Broadway. I saw an early performance (for $30) and then two later ones (for $40). It had become a totally different show.

I remember seeing early previews in Chicago pre-Broadway of both Kinky Boots and Big Fish and then the final performances of each in Chicago also. Considerable changes had been made on both shows.

Surprisingly, Big Fish, which was a quick failure on Broadway, has had quite a few local productions in my area over the last 10 years. I've seen 4 productions of it (including 2 large scale equity ones) over that period. It's no Seussical or The Last 5 Years, but it's post-Broadway life has been remarkable (for a show labeled as a flop).

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