re: SWEENEY TODD Last Night (Possible Spoilers)
Posted by: TheOtherOne 11:31 am EDT 03/25/23
In reply to: SWEENEY TODD Last Night (Possible Spoilers) - sergius 07:57 am EDT 03/25/23

"The rest of the cast is scatttershot: a shrill Johanna, a fine but tenorless Anthony, a sweet and affecting Toby. "

Magnificent as it was overall, you could have said this about the original production as well. The rest of your points...well, no, you couldn't. They are well articulated and, particularly involving the two leads, easy to envision.

I still very much hope to see this revival. Your last sentence ("Nonetheless, and despite its stumbles, it’s great to see SWEENEY TODD writ large again. It’s an enthralling, unparalleled work of musical theatre art) sums up my feelings about the piece and my hopes for this production beautifully.

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