Robert Preston bio - recommended
Posted by: tmwctd 01:55 pm EDT 03/26/23

As somebody asked about this book just a few days ago: Just finished reading it and can recommend it. Gives you a good picture of him as an actor and a private person. Seems to have been an absolute pro who showed up prepared for rehearsals and on set and never put up any airs. Seems to have been beloved and respected by everyone who worked with him. Comparable to Jerry Orbach, also a pro who stopped acting when he closed the stage or set door behind him.
In his private life, he was married for 45 years but the reason his marriage has lasted for so long was that his wife refused to grant him a divorce - he had relationships (not only affairs) with several women, among them Peggy Lee.
Several statements and stories from people who worked with him - my favorite story: Maybe 20 years after "The Music Man", he sat with some of his co-workers chatting. Somebody asked him whether he still could remember the words for "Trouble". He simply stood up, adjusted an imaginary tie and performed the whole number flawlessly.
Some things could have been improved on - more pictures, less footnotes and simply more text (only 64 % of the whole book).
It might not be the ultimate bio for a performer who strangely enough has been ignored by biography writers for a long time - but it is a very enjoyable one...

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