re: Sweeney to bring in tourists
Posted by: JereNYC (JereNYC@aol.com) 03:48 pm EDT 03/27/23
In reply to: Sweeney to bring in tourists - Zelgo 03:31 pm EDT 03/27/23

Just last night, a friend and I were speculating about the reaction of Groban fans, who might have no idea what SWEENEY TODD is, going to see this. The show is such a contemporary warhorse that most people with an interest in theatre have likely seen it, or, at least, know what it is. It's never left the repertory since 1979 and is produced often everywhere. The original production on tour was videotaped for television. There was a movie. But pop music fans might have no idea what they're getting into here.

I would love to go to the show and sit with a group of such people, just to see someone's first experience with the show.

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