re: Twigs play by George Furth
Posted by: Delvino 08:34 am EDT 05/17/23
In reply to: Twigs play by George Furth - raydan 11:35 pm EDT 05/16/23

Saw it in DC when it toured. Over the holidays late 1972. I remember being most fascinated by the make-up: it was applied in layers, so that the top could be removed for a quick change between two scenes, with another face below it. I read about that and couldn't imagine taking off one character without another coming off, too. Think Passionella in Apple Tree perhaps. The play was forgettable, and critics said so, but I always thought Zach's lines in Chorus Line about "directing my first play" were Bennett specific and referenced Twigs. I'm sure someone will correct me if I misremembered, but I if memory serves, we all said it at the time.

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