Jennifer Simard is a comic genius
Posted by: theaterisok 12:02 am EDT 05/20/23

Not saying anything most of us don’t already know, but seeing her in Once Upon a One More Time (a pretty low low in the jukebox mode) is validating her comic brilliance. In another time, she would have been whisked off to TV to do a variety show. The highlight of the musical is Jennifer’s evil stepmother number in Act Two, “Toxic.” The notes she pulls out at the end are gasp inducing.

The show is exactly what you think it will be. Maybe it’s all a metaphor for the Free Brittany movement. The choreography is great and if you love Brittany you will see a lot of her famous moves.

The woman playing Cinderella cannot sing the score, which is a shame since everyone else around her is belting the heck out of every song.

But back to Jennifer - just wow. Comic genius.

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