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someone called Annoying actor friend wrote this long long article on this subject

here is the fist paragraph... check the link for the full story

best T

In the Roman Catholic religion, there are artifacts known as “relics.” Relics are items closely associated with saints. If you are lucky, one day you’ll meet someone who toured the country on a Full Production Contract, and that person is known as a First-National Relic. If you come in contact with this rare entity, I suggest you spend significant time in its presence. The First-National Relic is sacred. They are an ancient national treasure. They existed in a time when people actually went on the road to save money. They indulged in superfluous luxuries they didn’t even need. The First-National Relic owns an apartment. They may even own a second property in a foreign location such as The Poconos. The only confirmed whereabouts you can witness this endangered species in action is in whatever city Wicked, The Lion King, Jersey Boys, or The Book of Mormon is playing – where they hide safely within their holy sanctuary.

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