Rush Line Protocol
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The house managers began chatting with me (initially) because I was a frequent poster on the (since removed) ATC Rush Board. The conversations (which were always polite and respectful, with me anyway), consisted of the "Do's and Don'ts" of how to post rush information about a given show, nothing more.

There was only one time when I had to tell a house manager (politely) that I could not post the information on ATC that she requested. I explained why and she still sold me a ticket.

99.9% of the people in rush lines are honest and behave themselves. However, I have seen scam artists and trouble makers on occasion. I have also witnessed box office personnel refuse at least twice to sell a rush ticket to certain individuals -- once at the Winter Garden (for Rocky) to a guy who was a known scammer and more recently at the Lyceum (for A Strange Loop) to a young guy who was just too argumentative.

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