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Gotta say that I haven't seen this Goodspeed production of GYPSY -- BUT I did see the clip of "If Momma Got Married" that was put up and I question the directorial choices that were made.

In the clip that was posted -- June and Louise seem to be giggling and having a great time wishing Momma Got Married. They are smiling at each other and laughing and the very last line ("Oh Momma - Get Married Today) they look directly at each other and smile.

This goes completely against what they SHOULD be trying to convey. The girls aren't "having a good time" - they are DESPERATELY trying to have Momma find her own life and leave them alone! Both girls have a lot at stake here. Rose (Momma) has just totally ruined June's chances to become a real actress! June is angry and emotionally destroyed! Louise just wants a normal family life -- and Rose has also just ruined that chance by not letting go of her dream for June to be a star but on Rose's terms! Both girls are devastated -- NOT smiling or laughing. (watch the clip!) Also the very last line - June and Louise sing looking at each other instead of looking toward where Rose just exited and "telling" her very emphatically. ("Oh Momma, Get Married Today!)

I don't blame the actresses -- they are probably doing just as they were directed --- but it causes me great concern that the rest of the directorial choices may be just as misguided.

Just my 2 cents...

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