Final Performance Today
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I saw the final performance today. It was a sold out house with a very enthusiastic audience. Michael R. Jackson was in attendance and sitting near me. No curtain speeches but extended applause and standing ovation.

I really had fun. Very entertaining. On the plus side: It’s smart and funny and has something to say. The allusions - in the dialogue, the staging, and the music - are very clever. It’s over-the-top and never boring. Then there’s Tarra Conner Jones who is absolutely amazing. She got a genuinely felt mid-show standing ovation for her 11:00 o’clock number. She SANG THE HOUSE DOWN. It was a performance for the ages.

On the down side: The show is overstuffed and chaotic and messy. The plot is completely bonkers - and really becomes unhinged in Act 2. Also, it’s long - nearly 3 hours. Show started about 3:11 or so and ended a few minutes after 6. Thirty minutes could easily be trimmed. I don’t think this would find an audience on Broadway, but it was a hell of a lot of fun at 2nd Stage. Finally, the sound design could use an overhaul. It’s not easy to discern the lyrics over the orchestra.

Bottom line - I’m glad I saw it. I really appreciate Michael R. Jackson’s unique voice. Such a creative mind. I can’t wait to see his next project, TEETH.

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