Who is it anyway who's responsible for the 'Chorus Line' changes in the movie?
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I hadn't seen the movie of ''A Chorus Line'' since it came out in 1985, so I rewatched it tonight on TCM and was left wondering:

Whose idea was it to make the various changes? Richard Attenborough, the director? Arnold Schulman, who adapted the screenplay? MGM?

Why did the new song ''Surprise, Surprise'' basically replace ''Hello, Twelve. Hello, Thirteen. Hello, Love''? I imagine they wanted a new song that was Oscar-eligible, and this song did get nominated. For the record, it lost to Lionel Ritchie's ''Say You, Say Me,'' but it's still inferior to what it replaced. Why did ''Let Me Dance for You'' replace ''The Music and the Mirror''? And what did Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban think of these changes?

I Googled around, but couldn't find the answers. Also, did Michael Bennett, Bob Avian or Donna McKechnie ever see this film? What did they think?

I did find this quote from Kelly Bishop, who played Sheila (and won a Tony) from the original Broadway cast: "It was appalling when director Richard Attenborough went on a talk show and said, 'This is a story about kids trying to break into show business.' I almost tossed my TV out the window; I mean what an idiot! It's about veteran dancers looking for one last job before it's too late for them to dance anymore. No wonder the film sucked!"

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