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Lainie Kazan was also fired from being Barbra Streisand's understudy in "Funny Girl". That fact Kazan at least twice put the press corps on alert ready to review her during Barbra's absence and that she was really good in the role spooked Barbra.

Louis Jourdan was fired apparently because Fritz Loewe wanted someone with an excellent singing voice to sing his beautiful melodies, especially the title song in "On a Clear Day". Jourdan, who spoke-sang in the Rex Harrison tradition, supposedly otherwise had great chemistry with Barbara Harris, and he had a good contract where he was paid for possibly the entire run of "On a Clear Day" without having to perform. This was understudy John Cullum's big break, giving him star billing over the title with Barbara Harris.

Carolyn Mignini was fired and replaced by Josie de Guzman as Sarah Brown in the early 1990s revival of "Guys and Dolls". Apparently Mignini's chemistry (yes, chemistry!) with Peter Gallagher was found lacking.

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