Best Featured Actress in a Play is a real toss-up
Posted by: mikem 02:26 pm EDT 05/24/23

The slate for the Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Play is very strong. I don't think there's a clear frontrunner at all, and I think all 5 have a legitimate shot.

The nominees are:

-Nikki Crawford for Fat Ham - Fat Ham is probably the only "must see" play nominated in this category, so Crawford will probably end up being more widely seen than any other nominee.

-Crystal Lucas-Perry for Ain't No Mo' - this is a well-regarded performance, but did voters see Ain't No Mo', which is long-closed? Some also found her disappointing as John Adams in 1776, which theoretically shouldn't matter but of course it does.

-Miriam Silverman in Sidney Brustein's Window - Brustein and Fat Ham are the only two shows that are open this spring, and this is an attention-getting role. It's been Tony-nominated for all 3 Broadway runs of the show, with Alice Ghostley winning for the original run.

-Katy Sullivan in Cost of Living - She has gotten more recognition for this role than anyone else in the category, including a Theater World Award and nominations for the Lortels, Outer Critics and Drama League for the off-Broadway run.

-Kara Young in Cost of Living - she is the only one who has been Tony-nominated before, and she is really building the type of theater career that makes her one to watch.

My "should win" pick is Sullivan, who I thought gave one of the best performances of the season. That character could have been a two-dimensional stereotype, but Sullivan made her into much, much more, with so many conflicting emotions. It was, "I hate my ex and I love him and I'm mad at him and I want him to like me and I want him to go away," often all at the same time. I think many of us have been there, and it's rarely portrayed on stage as well as it was here.

She's my tentative pick for "will win," but I really have no idea what will happen on Tony night.

What do you think?

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