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Posted by: twiceroyale 04:50 pm EDT 05/24/23
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Mr. Daniels screamed at an ASM during the first run thru in the rehearsal hall and then rampaged around the halls when the Director told him he, "owed the SM an apology". He called the replacement
PSM the "C" word, told the PSM "he'd seen better stage management in college productions", told Gary Beach he was "the worst kind of actor there is" during the filming of the TV commercial and
shrieked at the Marquis Theater House Manager in frontof his entire house staff after a matinee. He also demanded the temperature on stage be kept below AEA rules for his own comfort. And last but
not least he stopped the show in the middle of the 1st Act in a preview and announced that he was "indisposed" and that the show would continue with his Understudy in 5 minutes and walked off. P.S.
John Hilner, (his Understudy) who had never had a rehearsal did a fine job!

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