More to the 'West Side' story
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''I don't think he was fired but Arthur certainly made his life unpleasant and he probably couldn't wait to get out of there.''

Laurents had a reputation for his mercurial temper. At one point, Cavenaugh was his golden boy and the director raved about his Tony.

Laurents also praised him in his 2009 book ''Mainly on Directing.'' In an interview with the Advocate, he gushed that Cavenauh had ''a depth and passion I suspect he didn't know he had, that exploded during rehearsals.'' Laurents added: ''Matt hits notes Larry Kert couldn't," referring to the actor who originated the role of Tony many years ago. "I really love [Matt]. He's a lovely guy.''

Cavenaugh got an Outer Critics nomination for playing Tony (and a few years later, got a Drama Desk nomination for ''Death Takes a Holiday'').

At any rate, his relationship with Laurents got rocky. The director started criticizing Cavenaugh for being too old (even though he cast him).

I heard things might've soured after Cavenaugh wanted some time-off for his honeymoon with Jenny Powers.

According to a source that Michael Riedel quoted in the N.Y. Post: ''Arthur turned on him. And once Arthur turns on you, it's over.''

I once asked Cavenaugh if he wanted to tell his side of the story, but he declined, and instead took took the high road with the N.Y. Times.
Link N.Y. Post: 'West Side' Whack (2009)

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