A tribute to Tina Turner, done with Love, at Sardi's
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Yesterday, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman were getting their portraits presented at Sardi's, but they also took time to salute Tina Turner.

In 1985, Shaiman did the vocal arrangements for ''Leader of the Pack,'' a Tony-nominated revue of Ellie Greenwich's songs. And one of them was the Turner classic ''River Deep, Mountain High.'' Yesterday, Shaiman brought up Darlene Love and Annie Golden, who starred in that show, to reprise it.

Wittman adds that that iconic tune was an inspiration for their ''You Can't Stop the Beat'' in ''Hairspray.''
Link BroadwayWorld.com: The Company of 'Some Like It Hot' and Darlene Love Pay Tribute to Tina Turner at Sardi's

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