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There is an odd thing we all do - part of the human condition I guess - that when a star dies we spend all sorts of time commenting on their passing and their life, when often we don't comment enough about them while they are still alive. As if there's really nothing much to say about them until they have gone. This is not a criticism, just an observation.

But then, when someone hugely famous/influential/important does pass, somehow we're all expected to comment publicly. And often we do - but given the nature of the internet, let alone our many real life interactions (meaning immediate family we actually see, friends, coworkers, etc) we also have many choices on where and how to comment. We also know how difficult it can be to come up with condolence remarks for a friend, close family, etc, trying to make it sound personal and heartfelt without being cliche and trite - it can be even harder making such remarks about someone in the public realm. Not everyone feels they can come up with a comment that doesn't just sound like they're joining the bandwagon, and not everyone is comfortable making the same comment across different places on the web (which can feel "boilerplate"). I guess what I'm really trying to say is that even for what seems like such a little thing, some of us can feel a lot of pressure to post something "just right" in this kind of circumstance, and sometimes then the choice becomes simply not to post.

Now, take that or leave it - but then, to be excoriated for not posting? Sorry - I'm not buying that. Albeit commenting in tribute being a sign of respect, there also must be a respect for the ways each of us chooses to post - or not post - on such a moment.

I never saw Turner live, never met her. Like many of us, she was an incredible musical influence. She had a very difficult life, and her artistry both reflected that and surpassed it in amazing ways. Her music and her legacy will certainly live on. I say that in all sincerity, but with a slight degree of feeling like I've been shamed into posting it. That shouldn't be true. Ever.

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