I don’t think any mid size have closed in bay area
Posted by: dramedy 12:44 pm EDT 05/25/23
In reply to: Very Sad News: Two Very Prominent Chicago Theaters Have Closed Their Doors (for Good): Windy City Playhouse & BoHo Theatre - BroadwayTonyJ 12:23 pm EDT 05/25/23

I was thinking this morning how ACT hasn’t had any big discounts for their shows. I used to get front orch for $30 for previews before covid.

But I do think several are struggling. Ive heard that subscriptions have dropped a lot for several theaters which really rely on that steady income.

I see a lot less now. I used to go about once a week and not it’s about once a month. FOMO isn’t that big part of my life anymore at least for theater.

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