re: Tina Turner has died
Posted by: KingSpeed 04:46 pm EDT 05/25/23
In reply to: re: Tina Turner has died - Chromolume 11:51 am EDT 05/25/23

I wasn't expecting people to cry or say how upsetting it was. I just expected a conversation and there was none until I called it out. It sounds like some people were insulted that I called it out and those people threw it back at me which is fair, I guess. But it's bizarre that me calling out this board is a more popular conversation topic than the death of Tina Turner. I'm depressed right now (not about this) so I'm not totally in my right mind but I think I'm going to step away from posting on the board. I'll check for news but won't depend on it for conversation. Datalounge discusses everything so that feels like a better spot for me. And in general, I need to work on understanding before trying to be understood. That starts now.

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