re: Best Featured Actress in a Play is a real toss-up
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Uranowitz is great and has had an INCREDIBLE career in a short span of time... I think his 4 Tony noms are more than enough reward. The Tonys don't owe him a win because they decided to nominate him so often is such a short time, and given how short the time span is and how many noms he's had, I don't think the voters will feel the push based on that -- i think it'll be because of his performance. But i do genuinely think, without passing judgement, that race and diversity will play into this and with the media and celebrity coverage of Ain't No Mo', and the reputation of his work as a writer and actor, the push will be for Cooper to win even if it's, for some, motivated by the desire to make the Tonys and broadway look good (I'm not saying Cooper doesn't deserve a Tony, I think it's clear he and all the noms do, I'm discussing what might also motivate votes). Back to Uranowitz, as good as Uranowitz was in all his shows, i'm not sure his noms for Falsettos or American in Paris were undeniable, I'd have to look at who didn't get nominated those years to be sure how I feel - but I will say he wouldn't have gotten my votes those years (they would have gone to Max von Essen in 2015, or maybe Andy Karl, and Lucas Steele in 2017, of course none of them won either). I didn't see that Burn This but i heard he was a stand out. Actually the amount of recognition he's already gotten in his short career make me root against him for winning this year. Ha.

I also think Fat Ham cannot be compared to Slave Play... I get why Slave Play was "shut out", I don't think that applies as the voters not feeling compelled toward "of the moment" things or black plays or celebrating diversity among stories and playwrights. But I do think this year more than ever they will be compelled (beyond voting for talent or word of mouth about it), because part of the appeal to the WGA for not picketing the Tony was that it showcases an especially wide amount of diverse nominees -- I am assuming (but could be wrong) that adding that to the pot of what motivates an award voter to vote a certain way will push Cooper over the edge, since he is the creator/writer and star, so his award (unlike any other acting award this year) would be a vote for giving the writer and force behind Ain't No Mo' a Tony.
Also it's not as if Slave Play lost to like Other Desert Cities or something, aka a small stakes play with one rich white family in a room arguing. It lost to a 7 hour epic and acclaimed gay play written by a hispanic gay writer.

Back to Fat Ham, the fact that it won the Pulitzer already both pre-validates the legit literary support for it as a play (unlike Slave Play, which of course didn't win a Pulitzer and was talked about by many, in the camp of those who liked it, as an exciting theatrical piece but not actually a great play), but on the flip side this also makes it a bit more okay to not vote for it since it already won the highest main-stream honor a new play can win.

I really do think Cooper will win.

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