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Posted by: dooey 06:09 pm EDT 05/25/23
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Sorry if I'm getting my facts wrong. I just read THE MAKING OF GYPSY and I'm currently reading MAINLY ON DIRECTING. In one of them, I *thought* it discussed how Robbins was pushing for more dance and vaudeville and burlesque-type acts and staged the Christmas scene for Minskey's. Laurents wanted to add lines for Louise to speak because Gypsy was known for her witty banter, but Robbins didn't think Sandra Church could pull it off. But Laurents wanted to try it. This was one of the points of tension between the two that seemed to drive Robbins away more, calling it "your show," meaning "Laurent's show." I don't have the books with me, so I can't be sure of exactly when that occurred or if I'm remembering it correctly. I'd love to hear the story as you understand it.

I, too, was surprised to find the version without Louise speaking to the audience is the licensed version. That's what's on their perusal e-reader, anyway. I called to confirm with Concord and was told that's the only version that is licensed.

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