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Posted by: Chromolume 10:23 pm EDT 05/25/23
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We readily accept a live orchestra, in most shows, as being outside of the "world of the play," providing accompaniment for the show but not being part of the characters' literal world. So I entirely disagree with your premise. A live orchestra could still function as the accompaniment for karaoke.

Have you ever thought about where the accompaniment is for the Von Trapp kids singing "So Long Farewell" at the party? (Let alone the Landler that everyone is dancing to?) I mean, it's not a cappella. We accept there's something there, represented by the live orchestra. No reason why karaoke couldn't be done the same way.

And I can think of at least one example where it's been done. In the song "I Chose Right" from Baby, Danny sings to his own accompaniment. He plays the chords for the verse on his portable mini-keyboard, and then he starts a tape recorder, which has the track for the refrain. But we don't hear it on tape - we hear the live orchestra playing as if it were what Danny had recorded.

There are also numbers where the live orchestra becomes an enhanced version of what starts as, say, piano onstage. "Once You Lose Your Heart" from Me and My Girl and "Autumn" from Titanic are two good examples. We accept the orchestra joining in even though they are not literally part of the scene.

So - nope, I don't buy it.

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