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Until 1993 or so, every Broadway theatre had a minimum number of musicians that had to be hired - no exceptions. This harks back to the days when every theatre had an orchestra. Overtires and incidental music for plays was always played live (a rule that you will still see followed in London at the NT, and at the RSC)

So, up until the 1990s, if you produced a play in a theatre with an 8 musician minimum, you had to hire 8 musicians to not play. The first workaround in a contract was that theatres decided whether they were playhouses or musical houses. Playhouses became exempt from a minimum number of musicians at all. But then if a musical went into a 'playhouse', they would have to pay a penalty, since that theatre was exempted from a musician minimum because it was a 'playhouse' only. I believe this rule is gone now, as there are almost no plays, and traditional playhouses like The Booth, the Schoenfeld, the JAcobs, the Golden, The Belasco, the Longacre, the Cort/Jones, the Atkinson/Horne, the Barrymore now frequently house musicals.

Its about jobs. This is live theatre. Live theatres have orchestras. In the rest of the world rules may be different, but on Broadway the rules are clear - all producers know his - to wilfully ignore the rules as if they don't affect you is a form of madness. As I pointed out elsewhere, the tracks employ up to 19 musicians each. A simple solution would be to say one has to pay each of those musicians on the tracks a weekly salary as if they were playing in the pit. And they all have to join AFM 801 which i am willing to wager very few of them do.

Broadway is a business with 17 Labor Unions. Some have rules which are difficult. They don't disappear because you don't like the rules. Rule changes are negotiated and arbitrated. David Byrne knows this. Hal Luftig knows this. The Public knows this. A compromise will be reached, some musicians will be put on contract.

If you produce a musical under some contract, you dont need swings. If you come to Broadway you do.

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