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...but he has also either directed or made space for his singer/actor's to give sung line-readings that I've never experienced in an opera house. Certain lines and passages of the arias and recitatives are performed with character shadings that are also musical shadings. Sometimes these sung line-readings are comic, like Anna Maria Martinez' Donna Elvira's aggressively rolled Spanish rrrr's. Others are sardonic, plaintive but all done harmoniously so that they feel like they are emerging as a part of the character in a disarmingly informal way.

Then there are the recitative passages that are taken as seriously and are given as much stage time as the arias with remarkable results. Don Giovanni's seduction of Zerlina is the first time in the opera that we get to see Don Giovanni in full seduction-attack mode. And Peter Mattei pulls it off brilliantly.

All of that credit belongs to the singers and the conductor, the true surprise of the season, Nathalie Stutzmann. It seems to me the only plus side to Van Hove's work is that he, for once, didn't use cameras as part of the production design. (The Met was supposed to be getting his Mahagonny, which was as camera-heavy as one can get. Awful.)

By the way - Spanish R's? I though the text was in Italian? (Italian also has rolled R's.)

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