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This exciting 25th Anniversary Season features six new plays, including five world premieres, three Shakespearean works, and a continuation of the development of new works.

New York, NY: BOOMERANG THEATRE COMPANY and Artistic Director Tim Errickson are thrilled to continue their "Super Season" of nine captivating plays, which commenced in October 2023 with the acclaimed world premiere of The Great Divide and will run until June 2026. This exciting 25th Anniversary Season features six new plays, including five world premieres, three Shakespearean works, and a continuation of the development of new works with the Baton Project, The First Flight New Play Festival, and Rock-n-Roles (dates to be determined). Join Boomerang for an unforgettable journey filled with compelling stories and outstanding performances throughout the "Super Season"!

"I'm thrilled to launch our three-year Shakespeare cycle with Christina Rose Ashby's fresh take on Romeo and Juliet,” comments Errickson. “Her dynamic style creates both intimacy and scale, making her R&J perfect for outdoor performance. This production aligns perfectly with our mission to showcase innovative ideas, nurture new plays through our First Flight New Play Festival, and empower artists with opportunity through the Baton Project."

The following are the nine plays:

1.The Great Divide*
October 2023
Written and Performed by Amy Crossman
Directed by Scott Ebersold

"The last one-woman show that had the range of acting that Ms. Crossman displayed resulted in the Tony award. From funny to sad, love and loss, reflective and confused, you are taken on an exploration of the deepest human emotions." --Ronni Burns, Electronic Link Journey

2. Romeo & Juliet
June 22, 2024 - at 69th and Central Park West
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Christina Rose Ashby

An emotionally driven outdoor reimagining of Shakespeare's timeless love story. Director Christina Rose Ashby uses the Central Park lawn and a diverse cast to create a modern and violent Verona where, impossibly, two young lovers discover a feeling that soars above family hatred.

3. Mercutio Loves Romeo & Juliet*
November 8th-24th, 2024
Written by Gina Femia
Directed by Scott Ebersold

Ellie and Britt have been lifelong friends, lifelong haters of cheerleaders and lifelong drama geeks so when their all Girls Catholic School's drama club does Romeo and Juliet, obviously they'll be part of it. But when Amber, a cheerleader with an injury unexpectedly gets the lead across from Britt, Ellie's heart is turned upside down. Actually, all their hearts are. A new queer kinda adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

4. The Lucky Ones*
March 2025
Written by Lia Romeo
Directed by Jess Chayes

Vanessa and Janie are best friends, but a devastating diagnosis is making them reconsider what that friendship means and how much it matters. Vanessa is sick, and she's getting sicker, while Janie is embarking on a new love affair. As their paths go in different directions, the cracks in the friendship begin to emerge. A play about the value and importance of female friendship in a patriarchal society.

5. A Murder of Crows*
Spring 2025
Written by Dan Marshall
Directed by Scott Ebersold

Who killed Reginald Crows, the dashing renaissance man of 20th century theatre, who died in the bombing of London in 1940 Eighty years after his death, a banker's box of Crows ephemera lands on the desk of Kat Davidson, a graduate student in Berkley. The contents of that box compel Kat to scour the dusty corners of the internet where she finds herself squarely in the crosshairs of a rabid Crows preservationist.

6. Richard II
June 2025
Written by William Shakespeare

7. Lifeguard*
Fall 2025
Written by Kristen Palmer

Penny's a lifeguard, just graduated high school, figuring what's next. Beatty's dropped out and hanging around the pool, doing stunts to impress Penny. Josh swims laps over his summer vacation from being their high school English teacher. All three are seeking the next moment, even when defining that moment seems impossible.

8. Brilliance*
Fall 2025
Written by Lauren Ferebee

When oceanographer Sophie flees to her mother Marie's house after her husband's untimely death, she discovers her mother emerging from the long shadow of her father's larger-than-life astrophysics career. The two women, alone for the first time in years, find themselves grappling with each other about the lives they have lived - and the ones they let pass them by. Brilliance is an intimate look at the complexities of grief, motherhood, marriage and the unknown universe.

9. The Taming of the Shrew
June 2026
Written by William Shakespeare

*denotes a world premiere

BOOMERANG THEATRE COMPANY has been successfully delivering critically acclaimed work in New York City for over two decades. Boomerang is a strategic leader in the field of indie theater, bringing together creative artists and audiences to tell compelling stories. We take pride in creating world-class work that reflects the concerns, hopes, and dreams of our community.

Boomerang is committed to putting bold new work on stage, using a combination of dynamic new plays and reinvigorated classics. Our seasons have included rotating repertory, world premiere plays, new musicals, play readings and music/theater mash-up events. The company’s goal is to give the spotlight to a diverse group of creators.

Boomerang’s recent work includes an award-winning and critically acclaimed revival of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the premiere of the new musical Loveless Texas by Henry Aronson and Cailin Heffernan, and world premieres of Lauren Ferebee’s The Reckless Season, Johnna Adams’ Lickspittles, Buttonholers And Damned Pernicious Go-Betweens and Adam Kraar’s The Karpovsky Variations. Additionally, Boomerang has recently produced revivals of Shakespeare’s The Comedy Of Errors (in a site-specific production at The Prince George Hotel), Love’s Labour’s Lost (in partnership with Bryant Park Shakespeare), A Midsummer Night's Dream and Cymbeline.

Boomerang celebrated its 25th Anniversary Season in 2023 by announcing a schedule of nine new productions through 2026 including a three-year Shakespeare Initiative and six premieres, as well as the annual First Flight New Play Festival and a continuation of the new artist-driven reading series called The Baton Project. For more information on BOOMERANG THEATRE COMPANY, visit www.boomeragetheatre.org.
Link http://www.boomeragetheatre.org

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