Standing in Rush Lines Can Be Fun
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For a show like Gutenberg!, I would never pay anything like $200. Also, when I am on vacation in New York I usually stay with friends who have apartments in the Times Square area, so it's only a few minutes walk to a theater like the James Earl Jones. I don't consider standing in a rush line a waste of time because I almost always am able to engage in great conversation with the others who are there with me. I've actually developed long lasting friendships with various people I have met in New York rush lines.

On occasion I have met well known theatre people while standing in rush lines, including 2 Tony winning composers, who were quite impressed by my willingness to stand in line for hours to procure an inexpensive ticket to a show for which they wrote the music. Both times, I was invited in out of the cold, brought into their theaters, and had conversation with them over coffee. Not just composers, but actors frequently, even a producer or two.

If there is something I really want to see for which discounts are not available like "Oh, Mary!" recently or Laura Benanti's cabaret act at 54 Below, I gladly pay full price to experience it.

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