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re: Jerry Herman's "The Grand Tour"
Posted by: stgmgr 02:50 pm EDT 04/12/24
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Not that I usually recommend Wikipedia as a source--but it has a pretty extensive synopsis of the plot, if you'd care to read it.
The Jerry Herman musical is based on S. N. Behrman's "Jacobowsky and the Colonel," and centers on the enforced partnership of the Jewish refugee Jacobowsky (Joel Grey) and a Polish Colonel (Ron Holgate) as they attempt to escape the Nazis. Marianne is the Colonel's French girlfriend.
My chief musical memories are of "I'll Be Here Tomorrow" and "For Poland."
It played the Palace Theater.
And--since it appears that it might mean something to you--it was stage-managed by the late great Rick Elkow, who was exceptionally kind to me when I was starting out back in the Stone Age.

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