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Laura Benanti, Mykal Kilgore...
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I remember once when a Tony-nominated Broadway performer who I know personally had gone about a year and a half before another major gig had come up, and the savings from that Broadway gig were gone. He had been trying to stay in NYC -- turning down regional theater roles to remain in the city with his pet, his new love, and Hells Kitchen rent -- but it was getting clear that he either needed another Broadway show quick, or he'd have to pick up some waitering gigs. He told me how humbling it was to have gotten nominated for a Tony, and therefore kinda unwise to just take a Broadway job in the chorus.

The guy lucked out, another Broadway show came soon thereafter. Now all these years later, he survived by doing a whole lot of regional theater outside New York in-between major roles in the city. The relationship didn't survive, but thankfully the adorable pooch did.

Just a few weeks ago, Broadway performer Mykal Kilgore -- who has one of the most phenomenal sets of pipes I've ever heard from a Broadway stage -- posted on his Instagram that he needed work. The comments were full of folks who adore him, saying, "how can someone who's as talented as you not be 'booked and blessed'?"

I saw recently, while poking through Audible audio book selections, that Laura Benanti has recorded what seems like a dozen or more audiobooks. That seems like a perfect job for a working mom.

As some of us discussed in a thread here years ago, it sure seems like a decent number of successful Broadway theater people simply come from money, and I do know a handful of performers who never had to worry once about paying the bills. God bless 'em. If you don't have to put in your eight hours at a 'survival job,' it's a whole lot easier to keep auditioning for things. Hard to know just how prevalent that is.


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