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re: Company revival. So what about Bobbie?
Posted by: FrenchDip 01:34 pm EDT 04/13/24
In reply to: re: Company revival. So what about Bobbie? - Chromolume 11:58 am EDT 04/13/24

Regarding your second paragraph, in 2020 on Broadway (and, I'm pretty, sure in London) Bobbie said "But who will I take care of?" When they re-opened in 2021 that had been changed to "But who will take care of me?" Either way I agree that that interaction never quite worked though Katrina Lenk and especially Rosalie Craig did their best to sell it and get us into Being Alive.

That's an interesting comment about the set - I never thought of it like that. To me, it seemed more like Bobbie was in a dream world where things feel familiar but a little off and she never knew what was going to happen when she went through the next door. Or maybe they just all lived in the same building!
I think in this case it's fine to explain it as "abstract" because the whole show doesn't make sense when taken literally. This woman has 10 friends who are couples and seemingly NO other (single) friends? These 5 couples ALL consider her one of their closest friends? Most of them don't seem to have met or know much about any of the other couples before they all come together to throw a surprise birthday party?

I agree with your overall assessment of this production. Not enough of a transformation to fully work but the good parts were (to me) very good and it ultimately made for an entertaining night at the theater. (At least in London and New York, I haven't seen the tour)

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