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I don't think a Tony award win, nomination or any other NY theater award has too much impact on people in Hollywood. Perhaps among New York casting people it helps, but there's a long history of people doing Broadway shows missing out on movie versions. Folks who started in NY theater like Kelsey Grammer had lots of NY theater actors on "Frasier" and of course, there are NY based shows that use lots of local talent.

I used to do lots of temp office work while auditioning, rehearsing and performing opera at night and weekends and days off. While occasionally being offhandedly insulted in how I was sometimes referred to being "just a temp", I was rather keenly aware that other than lacking their benefits, we're all temps in a way. I needed flexibility in hours to get time off to audition and to be sometimes kept waiting on my lunch hour to audition for theater work, which can be stressful when your attorney is wondering why you aren't back at your desk. Or to temp at night when there was more law and financial firm work, which sometimes messes with seeing your friends when they are working different shifts. So it does take a certain type of person to deal with all the rejection, which happens at all stages; even stars and people with trust funds who don't have to work survival jobs lose out on desired roles that can only go to one person. Show biz jobs are all temp jobs, too -- just with runs of different durations.

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