The Shed ticketing, and prices for Lear?
Posted by: Showtunegal 12:06 pm EDT 04/15/24

Complaining about the box office at The Shed is unfortunately becoming a common past time of mine. My current issue is that I have a membership and will be able to order my tickets for Lear on Thursday, but I can't find out the ticket prices in advance on the website. Of course, my friends would like to know the prices available before they commit to tickets. And I have never successfully left a phone message for them--i.e. they've never returned a call. I will try emailing but it's odd to email and say "can you let me know the ticket prices?" because I assume they'll just want me to see them on Thursday--but I want to plan in advance. Anyone booking now who can tell me what they are, or have other ideas? Thanks.

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