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I hear all that you’re saying, and I do think that we get into questions of personal enjoyment versus the abilities of all to hear and experience something where the unknown is how different bodies receive the same information.

I had an experience recently where I was really enjoying a musical, and I was snapping along with the songs in a manner that I thought was completely inaudible (the music was loud, I was not putting force into my fingers, and I couldn’t hear singing). The person in front of me turned around, and told me to stop, adding rather aggressively that he was here to listen to the music and not to me. I stopped immediately, as requested, and then he proceeded to crinkle a water bottle during the book scenes.

Sharing space with strangers is tough, and we don’t all have the same experience. I get very frustrated by crinklings and talking, but I’ve not yet had the experience where I’ve lost lyrics or lines due to screaming/cheering (at least no more than is lost to laughter), but I can see how frustrating that is. I wonder if they are aware that they are cutting off your ability to hear; they may not be.

But if someone is screaming in your vicinity and causing you ear pain, I hope that they would respect a request to be mindful. It’s not something that has crossed my mind, and it might be news to them.

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