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Seven Shows in Five Days
Posted by: downtownlw 05:32 pm EDT 04/15/24

My Capsule Reviews

I have included where I sat and what I paid because everyone seems to be concerned about the economics of Broadway.

The Outsiders: I was sitting 5th row center orchestra at half price. I would not have been disappointed if I had paid full price. It was the best of the new Broadway musicals I saw. I have to agree with Jesse Green’s assessment of the show in that the cast was physically and vocally way too mature for the roles they played. This was the best choreography I’ve seen in a while and the fight scene was spectacular. The fire was spectacular as well. I felt that the best songs were too short and left me wanting more. Joshua Boone was the standout for me. In the middle of the second act, a young mani in the front row, center, had a medical emergency and the show was stopped. The actors left the stage and the performance resumed without a hitch after the paramedics escorted young man out of the theatre.

Back to the Future: I was sitting 4th row center orchestra at half price. This was a very entertaining theme park show. That’s about it. I was glad to see so many very young people enjoying the show, so I guess it did its job. Jelany Remy did a great job with “Gotta Start Somewhere,” but the car is the star of this show.

The Notebook: I was sitting front row, center mezzanine at full price. This was as predictable as the movie without Ryan Gosling to anchor it. I too, did not need to buy the tiny box of Kleenex. I didn’t see the need to split the roles of Allie and Noah into separate parts and found it confusing at first. The score was pleasant and Joy Woods did a great job with “My Days.” Of course it got the obligatory standing ovation.

The Great Gatsby: I was sitting front row, center mezzanine at full price. This is a big, splashy, excessive musical about people who live excessive lives. The sets were stunning. The music was beautiful, and beautifully sung. Noah J Ricketts was the standout for me and I particularly liked his number “The Met.” His character, Nick Carraway, was the only one I cared about. IMHO F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams” would have been a better property to musicalize.

Dead Outlaw: I sat second row mezzanine for this show at half price. This was by far the most creative, fun and enjoyable evening of storytelling I’ve seen in a long time. It was expertly crafted and performed. Andrew Durand is the most lovable corpse ever, and everyone else was right on the money as well. I just hope we get more of this kind of theatre.

The Heart of Rock and Roll: Again, I was sitting 4th row center orchestra at half price. For us baby boomers, this is a great way to go “Back in Time” (pun intended.) For everybody else, it might be a stretch. It was great to see Corey Cott but the plot is as thin as the cardboard it’s centered on. Tap dancing on bubble wrap is not nearly as enjoyable as real tap dancing.

Appropriate: I sat in row “N” in the center orchestra, at half price. Sarah Paulson was awesome. The rest of the cast put the diss in dysfunctional family and were probably very good, but I couldn’t hear half of what they said. ( I have very good hearing) Part of that was due to the constant noise of pedicabs, with music blaring, passing the theatre. There also seemed to be a lot of people partying and laughing outside the theatre. I would love to see this play again because I’m sure I missed so much. It was thought provoking and very funny at times.

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