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To state the obvious, which you probably don't need me to state, it didn't run longer because the reviews weren't good enough to attract many ticket buyers, and although there was some pre-opening advance, there really wasn't that much of one. I didn't see it so I can't give specifics about the show itself, but while Barnes in the Post was favorable, Eder in the Times was not, and Watt in the Daily News was really negative. Of course, at that time, the Times had much more influence than either the Post or the News. There were some other favorable reviews but even many of those mentioned reservations, including that the show took a very long time to get going and that some of the sequences added to the original play seemed shoehorned in and still weren't that good. But in general the reviews were mixed to negative. Many of the reviews said that the second act was better than the first.

Kerr in the Sunday Times spent a lot of time pondering just why Joe Grey never again seemed to have the star presence that he'd had in Cabaret.

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