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Hannah Waddingham rejects photog's sexist request at Olivier Awards
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Besides her run-in with the photographer, it sounds like Waddingham had an eventful night hosting the Olivier Awards.

After stumbling over some words, Waddingham blurted, ''Blargh! F*ck it, I knew I'd get it wrong,'' much to the delight and laughs of the audience.

Nor could she resist fangirling over 1 nominee: ''I’ve just seen somebody who makes me feel a bit giddy! Hellooo! I mean, good evening, Mr. Andrew Scott.”

(P.S. It's odd to me that ''Vanya,'' the one-man Chekhov show, won the Olivier for Play Revival, but NOT the man who performed that tour de force: Scott.)
Link Huffington Post: Hannah Waddingham Chews Out Photographer Who Makes Sketchy Request

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