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Posted by: AnObserver 07:32 pm EDT 04/15/24
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Haha! Of course the show is about "women's empowerment." Isn't every show today about that? They tried to make SOME LIKE IT HOT about that (a sex farce with no sex). In the 2020 Off Bway revival of THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN they took the fling that Molly has (in the original show and the movie) and gave it to her husband, because women have to be perfect today, or so creators think, because they're afraid of the "woke mob" or they think the female audience really wants to see that. And when MOLLY BROWN was reviewed in The New York Times - by a female critic, E. Vincentelli - she said, "Where's the moral ambiguity?"

Just put on a good show with talented women, with a good score, good book, and good music and - voila! - female empowerment, without hammering it home. Look at GYPSY. And that was written by White gay men!! And directed and choreographed by a White gay man! (Jule Styne was not gay but he was white. And all four were Jewish.)

Someone needs to write a show called THE WOKE MOB IS THE END OF THEATRE AND ALL THE ARTS. Beth Leavel and Meryl Streep will star.

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