New Federal Theatre relocates to WP Theater
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Sets first production in new home, "The World According to Micki Grant"

NEW YORK -- Woodie King, Jr.'s New Federal Theatre (NFT) has relocated and is now in residence at The WP (formerly Women's Project) Theater, with performance space located at 2162 Broadway @ 76th Street and administrative offices at 55 West End Ave. Floor 1, Unit 2, NYC 10023.

NFT had been in residence since 2015 at All Stars Project (ASP)/Castillo Theatre, 543 West 42nd Street, which recently closed.

Elizabeth Van Dyke, Producing Artistic Director of New Federal Theatre, says, "I met with Lisa McNulty, WP's Artistic Director, to discuss a partnership for a mainstage production. Lisa, upon hearing the All Stars Project building had been sold, offered a three-year residency to us, including office, rehearsal, and performance space. I felt this would give NFT an interim home while searching for a permanent space."

Van Dyke expressed gratitude for the arrangement, explaining, "Rentals, partnerships, and residencies have become a way in which theaters can survive amid the rising costs of space, staff, and producing in New York City. We are leaning on one another during these challenging times of increasing expenditures, closures, fewer and smaller productions, and the ever-present threat of Covid."

NFT's first production in its new quarters will be "The World According to Micki Grant" May 30 to June 29. It's adapted and directed by Nora Cole from the writings and music of the late Broadway composer/lyricist Micki Grant ("Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope," "Your Arms Too Short to Box with God," "So Nice to Be Civilized," "Working"). With "Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope" (1971), Ms. Grant became the first Black woman to single-handedly write the book, music, and lyrics of a Broadway musical. For tickets to "The World According to Micki Grant," go to NFT's website, An announcement on that production is forthcoming.

Elizabeth Van Dyke is canvassing for a permanent home for New Federal Theatre, seeking spaces for performance, rehearsals, workshops, classes and administration. Got a tip? She can be reached at 212 353-1176.

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