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Why on earth would Sondheim's estate let a relatively random production of the show add back in a song that has never once, to my knowledge, been performed in the show known as Follies by Sondheim & Goldman, and wasn't even written for the version they ended up writing/producing/publishing? Let alone after Sondheim's death when he can't even consult or approve how how it's incorporated/where (again, especially since it didn't have a place in the current version or original version and was then cut, it was never part of it).

I know I don't have to tell you, Chromolume, how rare and deeply unlikely this is.

And it's a short run, by the time the estate finds out and tries to do anything about it, it's too late.

I may be wrong. I'm fascinated to know. But if I am wrong, and they were given permission, that doesn't change how unlikely it is, or how against logic it is that it would be allowed (compared to other songs that once had a place in the originally produced script/score).

Ted Chapin's involvement in the cast is the only thing making me think they must have gotten permission, but what makes us so sure he wasn't just curious himself to see it done? He's not culpable as a cast member, he wasn't even the one singing it.

Just talking about my thinking here... again, I could be wrong. But I'm surprised everyone else seems to just be assuming this was done with permission.

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