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"Grey Gardens" music on "Elsbeth," plus more recent TV musings
Posted by: TimDunleavy 09:51 am EDT 04/17/24

Catching up on some recent TV episodes over the weekend, I discovered...

On last week's "Elsbeth," our heroine catches a bus to the Hamptons to investigate a murder, and when she gets off the bus and walks down the street, we heard about 30 seconds of Christine Ebersole singing "Another Winter in a Summer Town."

In the same episode, Paloma Garcia-Lee had a significant and showy role as the murder victim's widow.

The same night, on "Law & Order," Max Von Essen had second guest billing (but a fairly small role) as a congressman connected to a killing.

And I caught up with a recent episode of "Girls5Eva" in which THE NOTEBOOK's composer/lyricist Ingrid Michaelson played a former pop star forced to relive the most embarrassing moment of her career twenty years later. Very funny stuff.

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