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Some underrated comic gems
Posted by: GabbyGerard 02:00 pm EDT 04/17/24
In reply to: What are Oscar Hammerstein II's best lyrics? (or... your personal favorites) - GrumpyMorningBoy 07:12 am EDT 04/17/24

I wouldn't ever argue "It's a Scandal! It's a Outrage!" contains his best lyrics, but I think it has some delicious comic nuggets that are usually overlooked, in part because they're wedding to an underwhelming Rodgers melody.

I particularly like:

If you make one mistake when the moon is bright,
Then they tie you to a contract,
So you make it ev’ry night!


You’re a mess, and in less than a year, by heck!
There’s a baby on your shoulder making bubbles on your neck!
It’s a scandal, it’s a outrage!
Any farmer will tell you it’s true.
A rooster in a chicken coop is better off ’n men.
He ain’t the special property of just one hen!

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