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the set
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Not only did the set look like a community theater production (I mean, one with some money, to be fair)... i would say the set pieces they did use, sparse though they often were, often didn't even match with or feel part of the visual created by the (very AI looking) backdrops. I would have much preferred more "community theater" sets if they had brought imagination, inventiveness, and theater craft to the show, and charm, something the show lacked deeply.

Such a strange production, especially to be moving to Broadway.

And what a sad shame that the NBC Live production that was apparently conceived and intended to go to Broadway after it did NBC Live never materialized. My biggest issue with that production was the weird lack of a live audience to laugh and clap, which this show is built to have, but the sets and costumes were at least very imaginative and seemed consistently from the same visual world/mind, and the direction, as a i recall, was notably more cohesive and confident.

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